How To Protect Your Hair When Sleeping To Prevent Breakage

Great tips to protect your hair while sleeping.

If you have made it this far into the world wide web in search of information about crown (hair) maintenance, chances are you are already aware of the basics on how to protect your hair.

Using heat protectants, avoiding heat in general (have you considered moving to the North Pole), swapping elastic bands for scrunchies…you know these things.

But alas, you are home and in bed where hopefully the temperature is kind and you don’t have to wear the hair out, what do you do then?

Do you leave it to fate that you will sleep like a baby without tossing and turning? Will you trust yourself never to scratch the hair even if all you dream about is perfect scratch-proof hair that can never break or untangle?

We can’t tell you for sure what kind of sleeper you are or what you do while you dream, but we can give you some tips to be on protecting your hair from breakage during sleep.

1. Don’t go to bed wet…seriously if you want to protect your hair

Your hair is weakest when it’s wet. We would explain the chemistry here, but we haven’t got the whiteboard or lab coats so you would just have to take our word for it (guess you now know why bathrooms are easily clogged with hair).

Sleeping on wet hair makes your precious hair even more susceptible to breakage. So please, before you sleep, make sure your hair is dry.

2. #FreeTheHair

It’s easy to see why you might think you’re protecting your hair by not rolling around with it down. We’ve seen people leave a physics class and decide that reduced surface area exposure reduces areas available for friction.

Hair business is more complex than physics. You see, tension from a hair tightly tied and left in for several hours can definitely damage and break your hair. The pressure is not natural. We recommend that you sleep with your hair down.

And if you must tie it back, go low with a ponytail to reduce tension on the scalp or loose braids at the nape of your neck for the same result.

3. Silk on silk, Pillowcases, and Headscarves

What do you know about static and surface friction? Well, imagine getting a massage, it’s always better when the skin is oiled, isn’t it?

No one wants dry skin-to-skin contact (pun NOT intended). The smoother a surface is, the less resistance other surfaces feel when in contact with it.

Applying this to hair, why not switch your cotton pillowcases and scarves to silk or satin. If not for the better hair it will result in, how about to really feel like the rich do when they sleep.

4. Brush Before Bed…not just your teeth!

Your mother probably told you that a stitch in time saves nine, well, we are telling you that detangling on time saves more detangling in time and will protect your hair from breakage.

Don’t go to bed with tons of tangles in your hair. That could only get worse while you’re tossing in the night. Brush your hair before bed so that you’re tangle-free. If you’ve ever cried while combing your hair, you know what we are talking about.

5. Put some oil on it

There is a certain irony that oil hydrates the hair and water breaks it. We too are puzzled by this phenomenon. It is like saying oil waters your hair and water doesn’t.

People with skin-drying conditions like eczema are given oil ointments to hydrate their skin too. So as you can see, this isn’t just a hair thing.

Applying an oil treatment to the ends of your hair before bed will help keep it hydrated while you sleep and generally protect your hair. Don’t forget the hair is weak when wet with water, so please apply the oil to dry hair, then wash and go in the morning.

Thank you for reading, now go forth and conquer. The throne is already yours, queen, you only need to make sure your crown is fitting.

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