Wash Away! Best Way To Wash Your Extensions

Ways to wash your extensions without damaging them

Hair extensions offer you endless possibilities when it comes to changing up your look or simply adding some extra volume and elegance to your regular hairdo. For your extensions to stay looking their best, however, they need regular care and a good maintenance routine. Unlike what many women believe, it is possible to wash your extensions without damaging them.

Here’s how you can wash your extensions and keep them looking as good as new.

Step One:

Take off your extensions and detangle them. Here, you can use a wide-tooth comb to ease out any knots. For stubborn tangles, wet the hair with detangling spray or conditioner before detangling. It helps to use high-quality, tangle-free extensions such as Darling’s Daniella weave.

Step Two:

Fill a sink or a plastic tub with clean, warm water. Make sure the water isn’t too hot as this could damage your extensions. At the same time, water that is too cold won’t be as effective at washing out the dirt with the shampoo.

Step Three:

Dip the extension into the water and completely soak it. Comb the extension with a wide-tooth comb to ensure that it is wet all through. Since extensions are drier and more delicate than your natural hair, they must be soaked through before you try to lather them.

Step Four:

Shampoo your extension with a gentle, moisturizing, and sulfate-free shampoo. Work a generous quantity of shampoo into your extension, moving your fingers towards the tips. Use gentle motions to avoid damaging the extensions.

Step Five:

Dip the extension back into the tub and rinse gently with warm water. Squeeze lightly to make sure that every last bit of shampoo is washed out. You can also wash the extensions under running warm water.

Step Six:

Use a lightweight conditioner to condition your hair, just like you would to your natural hair. Rinse with warm water and fold into a soft towel to remove out any excess water.

Step Seven:

Let your extensions air-dry. Don’t use heat or combs as these may damage the extension.

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