Chilly Weather Hacks For Protective Styling

Chilly weather Hacks For Protective Styling

It’s always chilly somewhere, and when that happens, we need to ensure we’re not just protecting our skin from harsh weather, but our hair too!

Nurturing our hair during colder seasons helps us keep our hair healthy, and moisturised. Whether you’re bundling up or letting your hair down right now, these protective styling hacks will always come in handy.

Nurturing your hair during colder seasons helps keep it healthy and moisturised.

1. Plan ahead- stay ahead of the cold weather worries by making sure to plan what you do with your hair for the entire cold-weather season.

2. Don’t fret about what style to go with. You can have fun picking any protective style- so long as it keeps your hair protected. These can be weaves, crochets, or braids. There’s so much you can do with them to achieve a look perfect for you.

3. Keep your head warm! Even with protective styles, we should always keep warm during cold months. This is the perfect time to wear those cute hats or beanies to enhance your look.

4. Stay moisturized. Don’t forget about the TLC your hair needs in cold weather. By using light oils on the scalp like avocado, jojoba, or coconut oil, you can ensure your hair stays natural and doesn’t break.

5. Don’t wash your hair too much. Our hair has a tendency to dry out during the cold weather seasons. The best way to avoid this is limiting how much time your hair stays wet as colder weather means it doesn’t dry as fast. When you do wash it, remember to always use conditioner to keep it extra soft.

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