Your Cornrow Bible For The Year

Your ultimate guide to maintain and look after your cornrow hairstyle

Looking for a classy protective style? Opt for cornrows! It’s a fun and practical hairstyle, which also protects your natural hair from damage and breakage. Cornrow plaits is a classic style created by braiding the hair very close to the scalp in an upward hand motion.

Not sure how to achieve the look? Follow this easy tutorial to create a cornrow look that is perfect for you.

1. Washing And Detangling

Keep your hair healthy and moisturized. Ensure your scalp and hair are clean to maintain overall hair health. Wash your natural hair with a cleansing shampoo and apply a leave-in conditioner to lock the moisture.

This will also help in keeping your extensions properly attached. While your hair is damp, detangle it with a wide-toothed comb. Braiding will be easier if your hair is tangle-free. Make sure to be gentle while combing as pulling hard can cause damage to your hair.

2. Sectioning And Parting

Here comes the tricky part. Divide your Darling Long Abujainto multiple rows. Further, part those rows into multiple sections with a rat-tail comb. More the sections, thinner the cornrows! Secure each section in place with bobby pins. Pick up a small section, separate it into three strands and start braiding.

3. Add A Few Strands

Once you start braiding, keep adding a few strands of hair from underneath to each braid stitch. Keep adding strands until the braid is off the scalp. Finish the braid normally until the end and secure it with a hairband. Continue the same braiding technique for each row on your head.

4. Detangle While Braiding

Whether you are creating cornrows with extensions or with natural hair, you might need to detangle your hair as you work your way down the sections. Simply and gently, pull your fingers through the hair to detangle it so that the braids will continue to be neat and uniform.

5. Secure The Ends

Dip the ends in hot water to seal it. You can also curl the ends around your finger to prevent it from unraveling. You can also add a ponytail extension or an afro puff extension for a different look.

Master this technique and create perfect cornrows for a chic and trendy look. Never stop experimenting with braided hairstyles! Take a look at these On- Fleek Hairstyles To Make With Abuja Braids.

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