Want To Grow Your Hair Faster? Try Braids!

Want to grow your hair faster

The burning question: Do braids really stimulate hair growth as acclaimed? Yes, they do! Read on to find out more about the journey of hair growth and braids.

Using braids as a catalyst for hair growth totally works. The extensions you use on your hair can have a significant impact on its growth; especially if extensions are made from the silkiest strands of fibre which are gentle on hair and scalp as well. This would mean less friction and firmer hold.

Braids, with their interwoven structure provide minimal friction and more binding strength for growth, which ultimately, results in stronger, fuller hair.

Braids also tend to protect hair against breakage, especially during the dry Harmattan season, and can be a nice protective measure to take.

Furthermore, braided hair means less combing or brushing and this can significantly reduce breakage.

However, it is important to be wary of tightly braided hair as this can have a counter effect and cause hair damage. Unnecessary yanking and pulling can also result in hair loss, especially at the edges.

The duration you keep your braids for is entirely up to you and your hair care plan. It is always advisable to pair braids with your tried and tested hair care routine for best results.

Essential oils provide the hair follicles with needed nutrients to support hair growth. Peppermint oil, rosemary oil, lemongrass oil and lavender oil are also known to promote growth and healthy hair.  Add a few drops in your spray bottle and squirt on your braids for moisturised hair.

Of course, you shouldn’t expect a head full of mane overnight. But you should be proud of every inch, half-inch or quarter-inch you grow out.

Now that you know that braids shield hair from shedding and breaking, you can go ahead and bask in your full braided glory!

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