How to style up with Soft Dreadlocks

Curls are light, girly, pretty and always in season as well as popular.

‘Keep calm and be curly.’ – author unknown

Curls are light, girly, pretty and always in season. The Soft Dread is one of the most popular hairpieces of the 2000s, because of its pretty spirals and versatile style.

Darling’s upgraded this old favourite by making it less shiny, softer and more natural-looking. Now you can crochet in your hair, make it into a wig or even a drawstring pony. There are so many different ways to style Soft Dreadlocks; here is a list of our favourites.


Crocheting has revolutionised the hair industry. This method tends to be less expensive and easier to achieve as opposed to installations. Plus crocheting makes any hairstyle look way more natural. All you need to get started is a crochet needle and your fave hairpiece.

1. Soft Dreadlocks Updo

Installation by crocheting offers a world of possibilities. It means you can tie it up and open a parting almost anywhere on your hair.

You can also style your hair into a messy, stylish updo. Ensure that you consult a professional stylist for best results.

Once you get your desired look, give the hairstyle a personal touch with an Ankara headscarf. Match it up with a choker and hit the road.

Style your hair into a messy, stylish up-do and finish it off with a colourful band.

2. Unravelled Soft Dread

If curls aren’t what you’re looking for, maybe you can opt for the Jozi Dred. It’s soft and versatile and comes in three colours.

If you want a smoother finish, go for our Soft Dred Naturals from our Naturals Collection. All you need to do is crochet them in. Then, instead of unravelling them into curls, leave them as they are.

If you want a smooth and beautiful finish, go for the soft dred.

3. Bob and side parting

This hairdo is probably the most recognisable Soft Dreadlock style. Its popularity is based on how feminine and simple it is. Make it more natural-looking by leaving out some of your hair along the hairline. Then layer your edges for the perfect, finishing touch.

Make your bob look more natural by leaving out some of the hair along the hairline.


Wigs can achieve an array of beautiful, stand out styles. With a curly wig, you’ll be able to add something special to your natural hair with little effort. The essentials to making your wig from scratch include:

  • Soft Dread packs (depending on the size of your hair)
  • Dome cap
  • Weaving thread
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Closure

Customise your wig to fit your personal style.

4. Fulani with a side of curls

Once your wig is complete, you can use it as an add-on for a hairstyle of your choice. Mix it up with beads, cornrows and a topknot for a style that’ll take you places.

Mix up your hair with cornrows and topknot for a style that’ll take you places.

5. Faux hawk with curls

For a quick protective style, mix your natural locks with cornrows for an edgy look that’ll fire up that weekend.

Mix your natural locks with cornrows for an edgy look that’ll fire up that weekend.

6. Half down curly styles 

If you’re tight on time, but need to slay, this is the look for you. Fortunately, you don’t have to go to your stylist to put this one together. All you need is practice and patience.

If you’re tight on time, but need to slay, this is the look for you

7. Flat twist with curls

Need to attend a family event? Combine flat twists and curls. Add gold accessories to glam things up.

Combine flat twists and curls and add gold accessories to glam things up.

Drawstring puff

Drawstring ponies and puffs are convenient all year round. Plus you can DIY your own and customise it the way you like.  Use a black and brown mix of curls to create a versatile drawstring to take you from one occasion to another.

8 Tapered curls

Once your drawstring ponytail is perfect, you can dress it up in many ways. One of our favourites is this tapered curl look. Tie your pony in the centre of your head or even to the side for a fiyah look.

Soft dreadlocks: gorgeous tapered curl look.

However you choose to wear Soft Dreadlocks, you’ll stay slaying. Head over to our website to get the low down on all our new hairstyles and take your hair game to another level.


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