Get your colour on with our new EZ braid collection

Be unique and stand out with the new EZ braid in different colours.

“Be uniquely you. Stand out. Shine. Be colourful. The world needs your prismatic soul!” ~Amy Leigh Mercree

Colour is life. There are no do’s or don’ts when it comes to colour braids – just a preference. Bright hair is uber-trendy right now and more people are making the switch from black braids to bold shades.

Get in on the action with the new EZ Braids from Darling’s Experimental Collection. You get five colour variations to make any hairstyle pop. Not sure where to start? Here are 8 ideas to get the ball rolling.

1. Marvel in maroon

If you haven’t tried feed-in colour braids yet, why not try them now? This winning look tends to be less bulky than other braid options because of its narrow, flat point on the hairline.

This style reduces the tension on the ends of the hair, making it one of the best protective hairstyles.

Get a similar look with our purple/black ombre shade from the EZ Braid: Experimental Collection.

The combination of intricate braid patterns and sophisticated colour braids will result in an eye-catching hairstyle that will have you slaying.

This braid pattern and sophisticated colour is an eye-catching hairstyle.

2. Go for gold with a two-tone

Blonde braids have always been a win in the trend department. This colour works on dark roots and pretty much any skin tone. Mixing different braids in multiple shades of blonde will make your top knot look top-notch. Go for it.

Mixing braid in multiple shades of blonde will make your top knot look top notch.

3. Micro braids, Macro style

Box braids are cool, but teeny weeny box braids are super stylish. They’re lighter in weight than their thicker counterparts, making them easier to manoeuvre into more styles.

This makes them way more versatile. So wear them down, tie them in a ponytail or even a bun and let all the compliments flood in.

Teeny weeny box braids are super stylish and can be worn up or down.

4. Half down top knot with a touch of maroon

Fire up your look with black/maroon ombre braids. Whether you choose to install them as box or microbraid braids, you’re guaranteed to look on point. Get the look with our experimental braids and shine girl.

Fire up your look with black and maroon ombre braids.

5. Blonde Babe

Rock a beautiful style, right down to your roots, with the triangle box braids. This trendy look is achieved when your hair is sectioned into triangles instead of the traditional blocks.

Section your hair into triangles instead of the traditional blocks.

6. Copper vibes

Feel like an updo mixed with over-the-shoulder braids? Then serve sass in a bow with this adorable style. This shade works for any season and on pretty much any day. So go ahead and look cute with this bold colour and hairstyle combo.

Go ahead and look cute in this bold colour with a delightful bow on top.

7. Go full Fulani in gold

Get extra long Fulani braids with the blonde EZ braids. Its soft finish and pre-taped fibre will make both you and your stylist smile. To finish off the look, add shells and beads.

Add shells and beads to your braids for an authentic look.

8. Red Fulani Braids with a touch of ivory

If blonde Fulani Braids aren’t your thing, then get a load of these red ones. Add multiple ivory coloured accessories on 5 or 6 individual braids towards the front of your face for variety.

Add multiple ivory coloured accessories to red braids and look like a queen.

With box, micro or Fulani braids, protection and style has never looked this good. Braided hairstyles are here to stay, so jump on this bandwagon.

If you’re ready to try a new colour, why not pick a shade from our brand new range? All the braids from the EZ Braids: Experimental Collection is designed with the stylist in mind. They’re easy to use and have an elegant finish.

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