Box Braids Tutorial

Easy tutorial for box braids.

Box braids can get you the perfect boho-chic look you’ve always dreamt of. This hairstyle is one of the most sought-after protective hairstyles and we don’t see why not! They look absolutely gorgeous. Make sure you reference and decide on the thickness of the braids before getting started. The finished look is stunning and will last you for months.

1. Prep Your Hair

The first step to getting box braids is to detangle any knots in your natural hair. Detangling hair post washing will only lead to damage and breakage. Once all the knots are out of the way, wash your hair with a sulphate-free moisturizing shampoo to ensure your hair is clean and fresh.

Deep conditioning your hair with a moisture-rich hair conditioner is vital to ensure that your hair is frizz-free. Run the ends of your hair with a hydrating leave-in conditioner to make it easier to attach hair extensions.

2. Divide and Conquer

Section your hair equally into 4 equal squares. Starting with a single section of hair, take a pinch of hair depending on the desired thickness of the braids, making equal-sized tiny little boxes.  Making 3 sections of each box, braid them from root to tip, braiding in the Darling One Million Braid seamlessly.

A good tip is not to braid the hair very tightly as this will lead to tugging and pulling of the natural hair. Continue this procedure section by section to make little boxes. Secure the braids at the end with elastics.

3. Tame The Flyaways

Trim the flyaways at the end with a sharp pair of scissors. This will ensure that the thickness of the braid does not thin out at the end and is consistent all throughout. You want the braids to look uniform and smooth.

4. Seal In The Moisture

Dip the ends of the braids in hot water to efficiently seal them, preventing them from unraveling. You can now do away with the elastics. Spritz on a moisture-rich sheen spray to form a protective layer. This will act as a shield and protect the braids from dirt and pollution.

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