Cracking the Code to Crochet Braids!

Cracking the Code to Crochet Braids!

You may be wondering, what in the world are crochet braids?! Don’t worry, we’re here to tell you everything you need to know and de-mystify this beautiful hairstyle. Crochet braids are hair extensions that are literally crocheted into your own cornrows with a latch hook tool.

The application process of crochet braids is far, far quicker than a traditional sew-in, box braids, or even twists. To make things even better, this style has minimal pressure on your natural hair and ends up looking amazingly realistic!

So, what do you need to get this wonderful style?
Crochet braids have been popular for a very long time, although the methods and techniques for installing them have gone through a glow-up. The first thing you’re going to need is a good hairstylist. You never want to skimp out on finding a great stylist so you can have the perfect results.

Once you’ve got that covered, make sure you’re using the best quality hair possible. Bad hair can’t be expected to last long and in some cases can even cause pressure and breakage to your natural hair. So invest in the right hair for the right look!

The next thing you’re going to have to look into is the style that you’re going for. Crochet hair comes in many styles and the pattern of your cornrows is essential to how your final look is going to be. Your stylist will need to know the hairstyle before they begin installing your hair so that the placement of your cornrows is just right!

And then you’re ready to get your hair done and slay the town!

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