Why And How To Give Your Natural Hair A Weave Break

Why And How To Give Your Natural Hair A Curly Weave Break

Here’s how you can care for your natural hair between weaves

Deciding to let go of your relaxer and straightener in favour of a protective do is your first step towards reclaiming your natural texture and curls. While weaves can play an important role in helping you to retain length, it is also important to give your hair periodic breaks from your weave instead of leaving it on for too long. Or even swapping from one weave to another in quick succession. Here are three important reasons why your hair needs a weave break.

1. Breaks give you enough room to moisturise, clean and condition your hair

Unclean hair is prone to mould and breakage. Weave breaks give your hair enough room to breathe and also give you enough time to strengthen your hair between weaves.

2. Wearing weaves for too long can thin your edges

Traction alopecia is a common outcome of wearing your weaves for too long or wearing your hair in taut styles such as braids, locs, and cornrows. Avoid this by treating your hair gently, opting for looser styles occasionally and giving your hair a break between weaves. Also remember that once the hair follicle suffers permanent damage, it will never produce hair again.
Usually, hair weaves last up to 6 weeks and they should not be kept more than that. If weaves are kept beyond that it might excessively dry or brittle and more tangled than usual.

3. The occasional break can rejuvenate your natural hair

Some shedding is normal when you first take your weave down as the hair that would otherwise be combed out every day is trapped under your weave. Gentle detangle new growth with your fingers. Follow this up by saturating your hair with a moisturising conditioner. Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle. Finally, trim your edges and let your natural hair get some much-needed rest.

As always, make sure to use good quality lightweight weaves such as Darling’s Daniela to minimise the stress to your natural hairline.

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