Shocking Lupita Nyong’o Hairstyle Secrets!

Ever the hairstyle chameleon, Lupita Nyong’o has been serving up looks that only be described as ‘hair goals’ ever since her debut on the silver screen. Not one to shy away from her natural hair, she has experimented with many a hairstyle on red carpets and in her movies. Lupita’s trusted stylist, Vernon Francois knows just what works with her gorgeous mane. Here, he shares tips on styling Lupita’s hair, which can be easily adopted.

1. Use The Right Combs

Styling hair extensions into glamorous hairdos takes time, effort and the right tools. To make sure he adequately addresses all of Lupita’s hair, Vernon’s kit includes essentials such as wide-tooth combs to detangle. As well as Denman brushes to smoothen, rat tail combs to create neat parts and afro pick combs to create volume. Make sure you are well informed about how to use these different brushes, to create outstanding hairstyles.

2. Know Your Products

Most people believe that oil is essential to add moisture to hair extensions – the truth, however, is that products work quite differently. While oil penetrates the scalp, hydrates it, promotes growth and smoothens split ends to an extent, it can make the weaves heavier.

This is where the right choice of moisturizer can work wonders. To know how your hair extension will react to a product, it helps to first read reviews and educate yourself about the right use of the product.

3. Change It Up

When trying out new products, Vernon recommends that you test them for a few weeks, experimenting with different combinations to know how best to get the results you are aiming for.

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