Jaw-Dropping Hairstyles By Alicia Keys You Wish to Recreate

Jaw-Dropping Hairstyles By Alicia Keys You Wish to Recreate

Alicia Keys has a fierce reputation for never failing to surprise you – whether with her music, with her fashion choices, her decision to go makeup-free, or her jaw-dropping hairstyles. Her choices span the spectrum from natural and protective dos to long, sleek styles accentuated with face-framing bangs. Here are some of Alicia’s most head-turning hairstyles over the years and easy ways for you to recreate them.

1. Twisted Cornrows

Black women can jazz up their twisted cornrows by adding a side ponytail.
Courtesy: Pinterest

Twisted cornrows are a great way to instantly jazz up even the most boring, basic look. You can get as experimental with the patterns as you prefer, and jazz it up on one side with a swishing curly ponytail. For added volume and a more defined curl pattern, top your look with Darling’s Wolosso weave.

2. Sleek Bob

Recreate this sleek and sophisticated bob by using the Yaki bob weave.
Courtesy: Zimbio

Never one to bow to convention or expectations, Alicia debuted her sassy bob in 2012, long before the rest of the world woke up to the charm of this razor-sharp look. Let this look with Darling’s Yaki Bob weave.

3. Barrel Curls

Gorgeous hairstyles from Alicia Keys
Courtesy: Marie Claire

Alicia isn’t shy about flaunting her penchant for big hair and has often worn this style to interviews, awards shows, and concerts. This low-maintenance hairstyle is a great everyday look and is well accentuated by Darling’s Bouncy curl weave.

4. Undercut

Ladies, this undercut is sexy and feminine and will give you that super star look.
Courtesy: Africa Metro

This edgy look merges two on-trend styles, namely an undercut and mermaid weaves. With this appearance, Alicia proved that undercuts can be sexy and feminine, while also making your look that much more buzz-worthy. Replicate this look with a good quality weave for more volume, such as Darling’s Wolosso weave.

Healthy hair forms a strong base for all of Alicia’s adventurous looks. Learn how to keep your mane soft, healthy and luscious, with our guide on The Right Way Of Caring For Your Hair: Decoded!

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