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Get your hands on this gorgeous and high-quality premium weave that is suited for both daily uses as well as for parties. Spruce up your look with our adored weave collection and express your individuality. All our products are made of premium textures and are available in the trendiest of colors. Achieve your fashion-forward style with minimal effort and turn up to a new you. The look and feel of this style is clean, naturally soft, and blends uniformly with relaxed hair. Feels so innate that you can run your hand through them as you would with your hair. Highly recommended for versatile styling as it is free from tangles and shedding. Can be washed and reused.

Available Colours:



Maria Weave works best for versatile styling. With the help of a temperature-controlled iron, you can not only retain the shape but also style it just as you like it. You can achieve your preferred style in a pixie cut as well as a bob cut. Suitable for regular/daily use as well as for special occasions.


We do not recommend dyeing the hair. Using regular hair dyes may damage the hair permanently as they are not penetrable as compared to natural fibers. As a result, you will only end up damaging the hair fibers with continued use of any form of chemical.


Our Maria Weave collection has a heat resistant texture and elasticity. The texture is soft, comfortable, dependable, and voluminous. It is extremely long-lasting and flame resistant. The best part is they are free of tangles and shedding and last really long when used responsibly.


Pat dry the hair whenever possible in case it gets damp. Do not use too many products, instead use the one that suits the hair. Handle the hairpiece gently and avoid combing when the hair is wet.

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