Embrace Winter in Style with Darling

Winter is here!

This means it’s time for us to make the switch to styles that protect our locks from the chilled weather. And what better way to create some protective hairstyles than with Darling?

With Darling South Africa’s superior-quality hair extensions you can create stunning winter hairstyles to keep you serving looks all season long. Let’s look at some hairstyles you can create with Darling extensions this winter that protect your hair and keep you looking gorgeous as ever!

So let’s dive right in: 

1. Curly Box Braids

Box braids are great traditional protective styles that can be adaptable and durable. You can lengthen and add volume to your braids while keeping your natural hair protected by using Darling hair extensions. For a bold and fresh look, go for  One Million Braids from Darling South Africa. These extensions complement natural hair perfectly and act as a shield against the dry winter air.

Image Link – https://pin.it/6B3onWk

2. Twisted Updo

By combining twists with an updo, you can create a sophisticated and protective hairstyle. For defined, long-lasting twists, use Darling’s Passion Twist extensions. Use bobby pins to secure the twists in a stylish bun or updo. In addition to shielding your hair from the cold, this style also maintains moisture on your scalp, making it the perfect protective style!


3. Afro Pondo

Who doesn’t like being a naturalista?

Create a pondo using the Afro Pony from Darling to add oomph to your winter ensemble. These extensions easily blend with the textures of your natural hair to provide a voluminous and bouncy ponytail. Simply pull your hair back into a ponytail, either high or low, secure the extensions and let the curls do their magic. This protective style adds a hint of glam while keeping your hair out of your face.

4. Faux Locs Bob

Try a faux locs bob with the Darling South Africa hairstyle if you’re seeking a shorter hairdo but don’t want to commit to a high maintenance style. This look mimics a bob haircut while shielding your natural hair from the dry, chilly air.

To get a classy and refined appearance, use Marley Kinky  from Darling South Africa. It’s a chic and functional choice for wintertime!

Image link – https://pin.it/1ZoRmR3

5. Cornrows

Quick, cute and protective. Talk about a win-win situation! Cornrows are a fabulous way to boost your confidence and give your OOTD a whole different mood. Mix it up with a few accessories like beads and cuffs to make it versatile. Create this style using Darling One Million Braids.

Image: https://pin.it/5k6AjXG

In conclusion, winter need not be a boring time for your hair. You can wear gorgeous protective hairstyles all season long with Darling South Africa’s hairstyles. Say goodbye to the days of harming your natural hair. Embrace the perfect combination of fashionable Darling crochet looks and the advantages of protective hairstyles. Choose your preferred quick and effortless crochet hairstyle from our comprehensive guide, and step out confidently, radiating warmth throughout the winter season.

These styles provide the ideal balance of style and security, ensuring that your hair remains gorgeous and healthy throughout the winter months.

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