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Get your hands on our beautiful Afro Pony. Our Ponytails are quick and easy to install and they blend in your natural hair effortlessly due to it's drawstring attachment. This pack comes in a super durable no knots, no tangles, smooth, grooming, and comfortable texture giving it a natural feeling. It’s not only easy to wear but also super elegant. Perfect for all occasions.

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Our Wrap Around Pony Tail has an easy-to-follow maintenance routine that can be achieved without much time and effort. Brush the Ponytail after every use and before storing it into a container. To make sure that the product lasts long don’t forget to nourish and moisturize your scalp often.


Since this product is suitable for daily use as well as for parties and/or weddings, there are several styles that you can achieve with this product. You can acheive a braided pony look, add accesories and make it into a bun as well.


Darling’s wrap-around ponytail is made of a natural soft texture and is made and developed especially to resemble the touch and feel of actual human hair. The material is beautiful, safe to use, long-lasting, and extremely comfortable to carry.


Avoid the use of heat for this style as it is not heat resistant. This includes no blowdrying, curling iron, straigteners or airwraps.

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