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Jozi Lite Dred

Get your hands on our beautiful long defined, curly and natural looking Jozi Lite Dred. A crochet style that looks and feels fresh all day, every day. Exceptionally lightweight and instinctive. Achieve any look of your choice with our Jozi Lite Dred - be it for a party, a casual outing or just as you like it. Easy to install and even easier to maintain and style.

Available Colours:



To remove build-up and keep your hair and scalp healthy and fresh, wash it no more than once a week with lukewarm water and a mild shampoo that won’t leave residue. o Towel dry and avoid heat at all times o Use your fingers to detangle. To add moisture and shine on your own hair and scalp use African Pride braid sheen spray twice a week.


To add a bit of change try starting with patterned cornrows in the front and allow the lengths to showcase the curls. If you desire a shorter style for summer, cut your dreds shorter and shape them into an asymmetrical bob.


To ensure your scalp and hair are healthy, shampoo and condition at least once a week. To avoid dry and itchy scalp apply a light moisturiser to your scalp. To keep your extensions looking great and fresh, cover your hair with a scarf when sleeping.Towel dry your hair and avoid heat at all times. Best to use your fingers to detangle.


Jozi Lite Dred is a long defined natural looking curly spirals. Its handy, lightweight and easy to carry. Smooth and shiny texture.

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