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Switch up your look and add that tinge of excitement in your life with our most loved Moja Braid. A beautifully defined hot water braid that has bouncy curly ends. Comes in a variety of ombre colors. Push your style to the limits with our Moja Braid that are available in a wide range of colors to choose from. Perfect for every occasion. Party, work or casual. This particular style is truly a game changer. Moja Braid is pre-stretched.

Available Colours:



To remove build up we recommend using an applicator bottle filled with clarifying shampoo. You can dilute the shampoo for easy application. Apply into each section of the braid and massage your scalp gently. Don't use your nails or rub vigorously when removing the build up. Once you finish shampooing, apply conditioner in the applicator bottle and repeat the same process .


Moja Braid can be styled in a variety of ways. You can achieve a simple hair down look or sport a high pony just as you like it. It is easy to curl with hot water and perm rods for a bouncy curl and easy to uncurl for a straight look.


Moja braid, one of our most economical styles adds that bit of exclusivity to your look. Styling this look is easy, just dip it in hot water and use perm rods for a bouncy curl look or simply uncurl for a straight look. With it’s easy to maintain style, shampooing and conditioning once a week ensures a healthy and clean scalp. To prevent any damage, use a silk nightcap before going to bed. Being pre-stretched in nature it is easy to install and separate.


Our classic Moja Braid has a long and smooth texture. Super soft, shiny and compact.

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