How To Add Colour To Your Home

Your hair, your clothes and even your home. There are so many ways to make everything in your life pop. Darling wants to help you up your hairstyle game to a bold and bright look through the #AddColourDarling campaign. From curly weaves to bold braids. This campaign wants to challenge you to enter the colourful side of life.

Curly Weaves With A Twist

Curly weaves give you that vibey look. Most ladies prefer this look in a neutral colour, like brown weaves. Although this shade is a good match with any outfit, it doesn’t have a wow factor. So challenge your colourful side, level up and add some blonde highlights to complement your brown weave.

Curls and colour
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The Real Afro Pop

An afro is an ultimate hairstyle that defines black beauty and empowerment. Unfortunately, not all of us are growing a natural afro. The good news is that Darling has a range of afro weaves. Now you can rock this hairstyle without the commitment or maintenance. This hairstyle is already a powerful statement and adding a pop of colour is just the right move. Get a curly weave or an afro for a bold statement, with a bit of volume and a splash of colour.

Afrolicious with a splash of colour
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Never Stop!

Transformation goes further than your new hairstyle darling. Challenge yourself to add colour where you can. There are so many inexpensive ways to add colours around your home. Change the mood of every room subtly with a colourful headboard or curtains.

A little bit of colour goes a long way
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Welcome To Colour

Make your neighbours envious of your new colourful style by just painting your door with a bright colour of your choice. This is a unique way of adding colour to your everyday life. With your door the summer feels will never leave your doorstep. This bright touch would be amazing with you standing next to the door with your vibrant hairstyle. It would be a moment worth capturing.

A vibrant door for a vibrant style
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Rainbows And Pillows

“Life is a great big canvas, throw all the paint you can at it” – Danny Kane

Adding colour can be a subtle change like adding colourful pillows on your couch or chair. It makes the room feel lively and it’s more cost-effective than buying a whole couch. To switch it up a bit you can also take the colour pallet of the pillows and find little home accessories that could be the same shade as the pillows. So have a vase, lamp, books or picture that is the same colour as the pillows.

Let the colour do the talking
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What’s Next?

Add colour darling, have fun with it and always see how you can be on top of this bright trend.

“There is no beauty without colour.”- Anonymous

Share and post your new colourful styles in your home and your unique hairstyles with us. Use our #AddColourDarling and be part of our campaign.

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