Adorable Ways to Accessorize your TWA

Adorable Ways to Accessorise your Afros

Teeny Weeny Afros are bursting with endless possibilities.

1. Headwraps

Channel your inner goddess by wrapping your hair with a colourful fabric.

When in doubt, just wrap it up! And what a funky way to have fun with fabric!
The headwrap is fail-proof. Channel your inner goddess of wisdom & divine femininity…or at least look like her.

2. Loc Accessories

Spice up your look with shells, trinkets or beads.

These golden trinkets are the perfect spice to everything nice. You can find these little jewels scattered across Kenyatta Market for a ridiculously reasonable price.

3. Floppy Hat

Protect your hair and skin with a floppy hat and still look fresh and classy.

The floppy hat is an ode to sunny days, spaghetti straps, sunscreen and a good novel. Protect your hair and your skin from the harsh sun, all while staying fresh and classy.

4. Headbands

Add a touch of childlike innocence to your Afros.

A headband adds a touch of childlike innocence to a mature look. It’s pure and angelic. Go the step further and rock a flower crown with your Afros. C’mon, you know you want to.

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