Why Crochet Braids Are This Year’s Hottest Trend

Why Crochet Braids Are This Year’s Hottest Trend

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Crochet brads is a trend that is rapidly catching on and for a good reason, they are beautiful! Crochet braiding has been around for a while and this style is here to stay. They are fast, healthy for your natural hair and you can create almost any hairstyle with it! Keep scrolling to know why crochet braids are trending this year.

1. Gives You A Natural Look

Crochet weaving can give the look of a sew in or a full head of braids/twists. They come in various braid patterns, which help you achieve the look you are determined to achieve. This style comes in vast selection of textures, colours, lengths and volume. When installed properly, people can’t even tell the difference between crochet braids and your own natural curly hair!

2. Easy To Install

This is the BEST part! Darling Zoey takes minimal time to install. You can successfully change your hairstyle in three hours or less! Famous celebrities like Rihanna, Beyoncé, and Alicia Keys are seen sporting crochet braids every now and then.

3. Versatility

Another reason why crochet braids hairstyles are trending is that they are extremely versatile! Crochet braids such as Fluffy Kinky (Kenya) can be styled and manipulated in any way you want. Crochet weaves, again depending upon braid pattern, can also be versatile and can be worn in styles such as high or low buns, side swept bangs and your typical sew in styles.

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