Stand a chance to win some amazing prizes and have your story featured by submitting an audio recording telling us about a moment in your life you lost your self-confidence, regained it and what you learned!

Submission Guidelines for Whatsapp
The Moment I story competition will only accept recordings that follow the basic guidelines outlined below.

  •  Submissions should include a high-resolution picture/drawing of yourself at that time or something that represents their story. [ Picture size 1080 *1080 Instagram Size]

  •  Audio recordings must be sent in one of the following formats: MP3, M4A, WAV

  •  Audio submissions should not be more than 5 - 7 minutes long

  •  Submissions naming format should be your first and last name e.g Racheal Jones

Your audio submission should follow this storyline-

Step 1: Introduce yourself and establishing the story’s background (1 minute)

Step 2: Explain the key moment you lost your confidence in detail (3-4 minutes)

Step 3: Tell us how you gained your confidence back and key advice for other women going through a similar situation (1-2 minutes)

Audience Submission Details to be attached to Audio submissions

  •  Name

  •  Country

  •  Email Address

Note: She Leads Africa reserves the editorial right to select the top 10 submissions. Selected submissions will be contacted.