What is Confidence in Action?

Confidence in Action is a special collaboration between us (She Leads Africa) and our friends at Darling to support young African women on their journey to gaining the confidence to scale their goals.

The campaign kicks off on August 23rd, 2021 with "The Moment I" - an experiential podcast and digital showcase of confidence following 10 successful women across Africa on the key moments they had self-doubt and how they regained their confidence. Each episode highlights unique key lessons, tips and inspiration for anyone looking for support through moments of self-doubt.

But that's not all, sis! The project will also feature a public speaking and negotiation course, digital summits and a small business pilot program for budding entrepreneurs.

Why Confidence In Action?

We all have moments of self-doubt - times when we want to go for that promotion, speak up, do something differently - but we don't.

In this special collaboration, we have teamed up with Darling up to inspire and support ambitious women like you (and us tbh) to disassociate from the belief that we need to be 100% perfect to take a swing at opportunities.

If you have ever thought - "I would love to do it, but I'm not 100%", this is for you.

How can I be a part of this?

You can sign up here so you never miss updates like "The Moment I" podcast episode release dates, the video course info, giveaway updates and more. This way, you get all the juicy details straight in your inbox.

You can also send in your own "The Moment I" story and stand a chance to win amazing hair swag from Darling. Oh before we forget - terms and conditions apply.