Three Most Incredible African Braiding Styles!

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Image Courtesy: Elle

There are hairstyles that age like good wine; they simply never go out of style! One of the most iconic African braids is the box braid. You can never go wrong with a set of long box braids that will unleash your inner goddess and let you own every single look with these three wonderful braiding styles!

Darling Braid

darling braids

The best thing about box braids is how diverse they are. You can put them up in a pony-tail, up-do, or play around with literally any color imaginable! They always manage to make you look snatched and stunning!

Braided Bun

darling braided bun

The next style is the braided bun. This look begins with cornrows that lead to a thick braided bun. It’s the perfect hairstyle that looks both sophisticated and professional but can easily have a casual and laidback moment. Buns flatter most people’s head shape and it’s the perfect up-do that doesn’t take itself too seriously!



darling bob hairstyle

And the last style is the ever so chic braided bob! This is a classic hairstyle that never fails. The wearer will always be looking polished, put together and gorgeous! The best part about this style is that you could customize it with thick, thin or medium braids and it will still look just as fabulous!

So if you’re looking for your next hairstyle and can’t think of the perfect look, we urge you to try one of these three classic looks! You’ll be guaranteed to turn heads and steal the show wherever you go!


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