5 Hair and Beauty Tools That Should Never Leave Your Handbag

5 Hair and Beauty Tools That Should Never Leave Your Handbag

Beauty trends come and go, but some things never change. When it comes to beauty and hair, there are some things that are absolutely essential and every woman needs to constantly have on her. We have taken our time to list some. See them below:

1. Hair Brush

Hair Brush

Having a hairbrush on you at every hour of the day is important if your appearance matters to you (as it should). You never know when you might have to put stray strands in place.

2. Edge Control

Whether your hair is relaxed or natural, it’s important to keep those edges laid at all times. You can never go wrong with a tub of edge control.

3. Hair Bands

Hair Bands

The everyday life of a typical Nigerian woman can be incredibly hectic. From jumping bikes to having to go shopping at cramped markets and stores, a lot of activities will sometimes make staying glam round the clock a bit difficult.

It’s for days like this that you need a hair band or bobby pins to keep those long tresses in check and manageable so they don’t get in the way of serious business.

4. Shower Caps

You don’t want that hair getting all messed up by an unexpected downpour. This is why a fancy shower cap will always come in handy.

5. Hair Oil

Hair Oil

Dry hair is never a good look. Keep that hair and skin moisturized by having hair oil on you at all times. It could be coconut, avocado, olive or any one of your preference.

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