Hairstyles That Work Well For The Gym

Convenient hairstyles for the gym.

Nobody likes sweaty edges! While at the gym, it is extremely challenging to tuck all the coils in. In such cases, your intense sweat session can be really hard on your natural curls. Thinking of avoiding the gym, just to prevent a bad hair day? Now you don’t have to! Check out these stress-free, sturdy and convenient hairstyles that will keep your afro in check while you hit the gym.

1. Tight Top Knot

Black women everywhere can get a red carpet look with this tight top knot.
Courtesy: sevenchampions

A topknot high bun is not just for the red carpet, these hairstyles are extremely gym friendly too. Make sure you use some extra hair gel to make your hairstyle sturdy and durable. You can also keep some bobby pins handy, they can help keep away your sweaty strands and tame the flyaways.

2. Cornrows

Cornrows will give the black women a classic look that is ideal for the gym too.
Courtesy: stylecraze

This hairstyle is predominant among many women, but many of you don’t know is that cornrows are an ideal hairstyle for the gym too! Braid your curls into how many ever cornrows you are comfortable with. This will keep your kinks neat and unbothered and also push you through the workout.

3. Afro-puff

The Afro-puff hairstyles
Courtesy: curlynikki

This is a perfect, easy to create hairstyle for girls with naturally kinky hair. Simply gel down the edges and pull your curls into a wide afro puff with a headband. Or use a high-quality hair extension like Darling Vibration to get his fab look. Let your afro glow just like your body does post-workout!

4. Space Buns

Space buns are ideal for the sporty black women.
Courtesy: hairstyleonpoint

This hairstyle is not just for teenagers; gym junkies can sport it too! This adorable style is extremely workout-friendly. Simply style your ‘fro into two puffs on each side of your head and you will be ready for push-ups and planks. Use Darling Vibrations.

What are you waiting for? Hit the gym already! Who doesn’t want their kinks to look full of life! Now that easily possible, check out Easy Ways To Accentuate Kinky Curls.

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