Bow Down To Queen B’s Mane Evolution

Bow Down To Queen B’s long weave hairstyles

It is safe to say that Beyoncé is one of the most influential superstars of our generation. She has been sporting classic hairstyles and makeup for as long as we can remember.

Queen B has been ruling our hearts for a very long time now. Let us have a look at the most memorable Beyonce hairstyles from the 2000’s to the present!

1. Beaded Cornrows

Make a bold statement with these cornrow braids.

Cornrow braids are a great way to protect your fragile natural hair and make a bold statement. Paired with funky long hoops and a bright lip-gloss, Beyoncé made an appearance on the ‘Total request live’ in 2001.

2. Blonde Soft Curls

Look like a superstar with these soft curly ringlets.

In 2003, she attended the 60th annual Golden Globe Awards wearing her hair in sweet blonde ringlets.

The strapless gown and the diamond necklace complemented her soft hairstyle perfectly, making her look like a diva. Use the Darling Natural Yaki to recreate this look.

3. Braided Up-Do

This braided up-do is stylish perfect for a formal occasion.

Her look screams royalty in every possible way! This hairstyle is perfect for a formal occasion.

Pull your hair up into a tight high ponytail then secure it properly. Create a sock bun and pin it well before wrapping it with a braided hairpiece and your look is ready!

4. Voluminous Curly Afro

Bring out the pop star in you with these voluminous middle parted curls.

Queen B headlined the 2011 Glastonbury Festival in England as she delivered one of the best performances of her entire career.

She went for this voluminous curly hairstyle with a center part. This hairstyle totally matched the vibe of the festival.

5. Chic Long Braids

Hairstyles for grammy evening by sporting two toned braids in a pony.

Recently in January 2018, Queen B made an appearance at the Grammy awards. She sported long coloured braids, styled in a low ponytail and topped with a hat.

She looks like an absolute royal! Try this look with Darling One Million Braids.

Beyoncé has successfully left us all in awe of her hairstyles. Feel like trying a celebrity hairstyle yourself?

Look at Eva Marcille Hairstyles You Can DIY.

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Image Courtesy: Promiflash

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