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Goddess Locs

Darling Goddess Locs are a natural looking crochet style that has a dread like texture with curled ends. It is lightweight, easy to install, reusable and super classy! It’s a pre-looped crochet hair made to perfection. You can restyle our Goddess Locs into different hairstyles and literally achieve any classic or fashionable hair style. Beautiful natural looking locs with wavy ends.

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To enjoy the best results of using this product, moisturise your scalp to avoid a dry or chafing skin. The best way to keep your extensions tangle-free is regular brushing. Always have a paddle brush on hand so that even when you’re out and about you can still give your hair a quick run through. The more you wash and style your extensions, the shorter their lifespan will be, so keep washing and using additional products to a minimum.


Since our Goddess locs are pre looped with curly ends, it already will make you feel and look like a goddess. In addition to its natural looking crochet style, you can achieve dread locs with nice curls at the bottom.


Our best suggestion to keep your extensions well maintained and tangle free is regular brushing. The use of a paddle brush is highly recommended. You may carry one such paddle brush handy at all times and give your hair a quick run through every time you feel the need of giving it a quick touch up.


Darling Goddess Locs are smooth, shiny, silky, compact, soft, non smelly, natural looking and really queen-like. It is hands down of our most loved styles as recommended by many of our repurchased customers.

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