Brazilian Pony 01
  • Brazilian Pony 01

Brazilian Pony

Premium Ponies

Elegant curly wrap pony style with clips for a classy finish

Available Colours:

  • Length: 24"

  • Texture: Smooth

  • Size: Long

  • No. Of Packs Per Head: 1

    Product care instruction:

  • Gently finger brush and wear a satin bonnet to keep it neat and prevent tangling.



When pony is not in use, finger pick and keep in a satin bag


Pack your hair in a pony and braid with a bit of darling braids(if hair is not long) and wrap it. Place Brazilian pony on braided bun, secure properly and pull strings to tighten


Brazilian Pony can be worn in a high centre pony, braided or twisted sides pony, stitch braids pony etc.


Brazilian is available in color NB-1 and NB-3

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