Marley Twist
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Marley Twist

Classic Crochet

Wear a dreadlock hairstyle with ease. Super soft and comfortable to handle on head.

  • Length: Medium

  • Texture: Smooth

  • Size: 150 Grams

  • No. Of Packs Per Head: 2

    Product care instruction:

  • Use serum and mousse for smooth and healthy looking hair. To maintain the crochet braids and make sure that it lasts for weeks, we highly recommend using a satin scarf at night.



To get the best outcome from this product, use water and a leave-in conditioner for a soft natural luster. Then, use a natural oil like coconut oil to soothe the scalp to avoid itchiness and dryness. Make sure your hair is adequately moisturized before installing crochets to get those perfect twist hairstyles. Given that you’ll have the crochet in for at least a few weeks, you want to make sure your hair isn’t too dry. Be more careful once you get to the front of your hair, you may want to use thinner strips of hair at this point so that the knots are smaller and less visible.


Marley Twist can be used on various hair lengths, however, using it on medium-length hair will enable you to achieve the ideal result you’re looking out for.


If you’re someone who loves your hair to be soft and smooth, then Marley Twist will be your right choice. Marley Twist will help you give a smooth and luscious texture to your hair.


Marley Twist is available in a variety of shades to match each one's liking.

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