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Abuja Braids

Classic Braids

Easy ready-to-use pre-curled braids hair extension for trendy braid/curl styles.

  • Length: Long

  • Texture: Smooth

  • Size: 55"

  • No. Of Packs Per Head: 2

    Product care instruction:

  • Gently separate strands before installing to avoid tangles. Finger detangle and wrap curls round finger and loosen to retain curls after installing. Wear a satin bonnet to keep braids moisturized.



Ensure your hair and scalp are washed to keep it nice and clean before installing. Occasionally apply mousse and light hair spray to keep Abuja Braids long lasting.


Abuja braid does not require hot water set to curl. It is a pre-curled ready to use braid.


Abuja Braid is great for long curly lengths.


Abuja Braid is available in 1/900, 1/27.

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