Back to School Braids for Little Princesses

Back to school braids

Unleash her inner princess potential with these adorable braids for little princesses.

1. Lobsided Pigtails

Lopsided ponytail
Image Courtesy: Pinterest

This hairstyle is a timeless classic and it’s not hard to see why. It’s allowed little girls to be little girls for generations, and it’s super easy to achieve!
Simply part your child’s hair, from corner to corner, in two sections. Plait a few cornrows that will feed into the pigtails and voila! Feel free to add bobble hair bands for embellishment.

2. Short box braids with beads

Short box braids with beads
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Fresh and funky! A bonus to this hairstyle is that it repurposes her hair into a plaything, seeing how she’ll probably try to make the beads clink every time she moves.

3. Ghana Cornrows Feeding into Space Buns

Ghana Cornrows Feeding into Space Buns
Image Courtesy: Pinterest

This quick and functional hairstyle is perfect for kids who won’t sit still for long. Plus it keeps her hair out of her face, enabling a free and effective playtime.Add a pop of color to the braids for a pop of fun.

4. Braided Mohawk

Braided Mohawk
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This braided Mohawk is the carefree answer to your cheeky child. It adds a touch of edge to your child’s look and gives her hair a sleek and neat finish.

5. Double-dutch Braids

Double-dutch Braids
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Double Dutch braids are both dress up friendly and playground friendly. Not to mention, they preserve her sheer childlike cuteness. Cuteness must be protected at all costs!

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