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Wrap Around Pony

Darling’s Wrap Around Ponytail is just the perfect hair extension for you. The velcro strap will ensure you have a good base for a neat finish. Wrap Around Pony Tail has a natural Yaki texture with a fantastic voluminous look.

Available Colours:



Firstly, hold your hair into a bun. Then, place the comb side into your hair. Wrap around the tail onto the pony and secure it with a bobby pin. Lastly, brush it nicely and Voila! It's as easy as that.


Wrap Around Pony has a kinky straight texture that blends with both natural and relaxed hair textures.


Our Wrap Around Pony Tail has an easy-to-follow maintenance routine that can be achieved without much time and effort. Brush the Ponytail after every use and before storing it into a container.


Avoid the use of heat for this style as it is not heat resistant. This includes no use of blowdryers, curling iron, straighteners or airwraps.

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